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Midwest Antique Show

Press Release – Midwest Antique & Art Show – April 14th, 2024

Mark your calendar for the spring show date for both The Midwest Antique & Art Show and The Collector’s Eye Show at Hawkeye Downs Fairgrounds in Cedar Rapids, IA.  We are entering into our 38th of our show promotion.  The two shows are described as “Midwestern Gems” by Maine Antique Digest and “The Best Show west of the Allegheny Mountains”.  Both shows have a history of bringing high quality dealers with exceptional items for your perusal.  Together the two shows present a unique opportunity for both the seasoned collector and those just starting to collect.

The two shows combined will have nearly 100 exhibitors hand selected for their expertise and knowledge of their merchandise and their ability at artistic, visually appealing presentation of their booths.  Many dealers have walls put up with colored paper to allow them to present their merchandise in a formal room setting and others will present their merchandise in an equally appealing manner.

We welcome back Al Linder from Minnesota, Missouri Plain Folk from Sikeston, MO and Architectural Anarchy from Chicago, IL. and American Spirit from Shawnee Mission, KS.   We also  welcome Tess Pailey from Minnesota bringing an assortment of Persian rugs.

Scott Tagliapietra from Wisconsin, well-known for his holiday and toys, will be back with his usual fantastic display of merchandise.   

If you are looking for advertising—check out Dennis Healzer from Desota, KS, Russ Whitmore from Nashville, IN, Steve Mumma from West Des Moines, IA and Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Harland, IA.

Folk art will be amply represented by Larry Carroll, Robins, IA, Tom Artmitage, Tom vanDeest and Thom Rawson from Cedar Rapids as well as Tim Chambers, Sikeston, MO, Jeff Roelof, Kalamazoo, MI, Scott Heffley, Kansas City, MO and Mike Michelson, Jefferson City, MO.

Interesting smalls will be presented by Country Love from Metamore, IL and Elizabeth Johnson, Kanasas City, MO, JoDan Antiques from Hiawatha, IA, Main Street Antiques from West Branch, IA.

Furniture dealers will include Erenberger Antiques from Ely, IA, Craig Illa from Palmyra, MO, Prairie Dock Antiques from Oregon, IL, Hertiage Haus Antiques from Williamsburg, IA , Pipsqueak and Me from Janesville, WI and American Spirit from Shawnee Mission, KS.

Art will be represented by Architechtural Anarchy from Chicago, IL, Scott Carpenter from Iowa City, IA,  Ron Christman from Wales, WI and Jack Cirkl from Marion, IA.

This is a small sampling of the dealers and items that will be available on Sunday, April 14th at Hawkeye Downs Exhibition Center, 4400 6th ST SW, Cedar Rapids, IA.  There is ample free parking and the $10 admission fee allows access to both The Midwest Antique & Art Show and The Collector’s Eye Show.

Show hours are from 10 am until 3 pm.  Nearby hotels and phone numbers are listed on our website at  For information on the Midwest Show, call Cathy at (319) 389-7779 and The Collector’s Eye Show, call Colleen at (319) 360-4301.

See you on April 14th.

Hawkeye Downs Fairgrounds
4400 6th St. S.W.
Cedar Rapids, IA

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